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  • Welcome To CloudLearn

    Welcome to the CloudLearn Sample Course. Here you will find sample sections from our most popular GCSE and A-Level courses. We will also include information that we think you will find useful as a prospective student. 

    As far as we can see, we are the only provider in the UK that offers a sample course. Why? Because we are 100% confident that you will like what you see. 

    So go ahead, take CloudPort for a spin and see if it works for you. Try using it on various devices to find the format that suits you best. Enjoy!

    • Welcome to Distance Learning

      All of our courses begin with a series of videos aimed at getting you onboard with your chosen course. These are produced by our academic leads and contain general information designed at 'getting you started' with your learning. We recognise that a lot of our students are new to online learning or have been out of education for some time. These videos are designed at easing the learning curves when returning to a new form of study.

      • Sample Lessons

        With hundreds of courses, thousands of units, tens of thousands of sections and literally millions of lines of code we can't show you everything.

        Here are a few sample lessons to give you a flavour of what we do.

      • Sample Assessments

        With tens of thousands of questions in our quiz generator students are never short of practice. 

        Assessments draw random questions so that your revision is different each time - helping you achieve the best scores when preparing for exams.

      • Preparing for Exams


        Sitting exams can be nerve-wracking. Why not let our tutors talk you through the process. Here we look at English past papers and show you how to answer them like a pro.

      • Booking an Exam

        Remember that GCSE exams are available in January and June for most subjects. A-Levels only have a single diet per year - June. All of our courses can be Fast-Tracked so that you can achieve your qualification ASAP. We have some students prepare for GCSE exams in a matter of weeks, and for A-Levels in a few months. A GCSE is 120 hours of Study an A-Level at 30 hours per week? We'll let you do the maths.

        Finding a centre near you can be a pain. Relax and use our centre finder, It's simple:

        1. Choose Awarding Body
        2. Input your Postcode and hit Enter
        3. Find your local centre and contact details
        4. Check with Centre Costs and Availability.

        Please Note: Our Centre Finder pulls information from data published on Awarding Body websites. We are not responsible for the maintenance of this information, nor do we guarantee that you will find an exam centre in your local area. We will however do what we can to help you locate a centre for examination.

      • Exam Guidance

        Exam time can be stressful, let us help demystify the process for private candidates. Let's start with the new grading system 9-1:

        Unlike most providers, we aim to guide you through the complete journey, giving you the right support at the right time:

        1. Enrol
        2. Study
        3. Revise
        4. Exam
        5. Qualify.

        A-Level Science Practicals...Let's hear what our Tutors and Students have to say:

        See our guidance page below and download our Private Candidate Exam Guide to make sure you are on point.

      • Ready to Enrol?

        You should now have a better understanding of how to study online, and how to take exams as a private candidate.

        We help thousands of students each year reach their potential. If you do have any questions or just want to get started, please give our friendly and helpful student advisers a call on:

        0330 111 4006

        (Mon - Fri 9am-5pm)