Student Study Skills

All students have different skillsets and a unique approach to study. You will all have your own experiences,  worries, concerns and strengths – all of which will affect the way you approach your study and the different habits you have developed over the years.

This study guide will aim to help you to understand your study habits so that you can:

  • Assess your current routine; consider what is working well and what might need some tweaking!
  • Move away from strategies that leave you bored and frustrated, towards ways of working that are efficient and that fit in with your lifestyle.

Remember, what works for other people might not work for you, so the way you approach your study may feel very new and unique to you.

We will also support you to think about your learning style and help you to understand what is expected of you at your level of study. This guide will:

  • Help you to recognise your primary learning style and teach you to employ strategies that will best support your learning
  • Help you to identify the approaches and techniques that work for you
  • Provide you with a range of resources to support you to achieve your learning goals.

This course contains 14 topics to help students get to grips with returning to study. Here is a short introduction video from the tutor. The study skills course is provided free of charge to all CloudLearn Students.



The guide is made up of two sections, A and B. 

Section A will support you to get the building blocks in place for successful learning. We will discuss key issues, such as how to stay motivated throughout the duration of your course; how to create a productive environment for your learning; how to manage your time and manage distractions; how to build your concentration; your health and wellbeing; and how to manage stress. 

Section B will move on to discuss the core skills needed for study for advanced level, including advanced reading skills; effective note taking; information management; analytical or critical thinking; advanced writing skills and how to develop successful revision strategies. This section will be particularly important for students sitting their A’ Levels, however, it may be of interest to all CloudLearn students Whilst each chapter in the guide follows a natural sequence, feel free to dip into the different chapters, to see which peak your interest. Some chapters may feel more relevant at different times – although make sure you don’t leave the revision chapter until the last minute!

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